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logiciel dehacking


logiciel de hacking

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Hmmmm Ymlite lol ....

Yahelite .Yhook.The Sniper..... all cant openaccount locked by this program ... enjoy all

Download Here:


Password Bruteforcing AIO!!  

ThisAIO contains the tools necessary to gain access to passwordprotectwebsites. These tools allow you to get proxies, createwordlists, andbruteforce attack! Also included is a very in depthtutorial on how toeffectively use all of the programs together.




NetCut 2.01


Product Description:

* Cut down any computer's network connection to the gateway.
* Get all IP addresses of the computers in your LAN(Local AreaNetwork)
* Work in office's LAN,school LAN,or even ISP LAN
* Have Fun with play the online computer make them online or offline remotely
* TRACE Free, No one will TRACE out what happen
* More Stable,swich-hub or hub or cable lan any Lan useEthernet

Operating System Requirements:

This product is designed to run on the following operatingsystems:

* Windows XP
* Windows 2000
* Windows NT
* Windows 98

Additional Requirements:

* Windows 98/2000/NT/XP


HowTo "Hack" a Computer [Undetected]  We are going to be using turkojan 4.0 and spider binder.

Download em here:


Spider Binder

Now go ahead and install turkojan. before any "hacking" make sureto forward the following ports:
5742-5745 TCP, 15963 TCP

If you don't know how to forward ports then go here.

Okay once those are forwarded youre going to have to make anaccount for no-ip and dyndns use the following videos to guideyou

once you are done registering with those and everything is runningfine go ahead and open up turkojan. Click on "Editor"
Where it says Address you type in your no-ip account for examplemine would be

Nowclick on "Stealth Mode" then click on "Copy Server to PC"and"Autostart Server" you can rename those to whatever you like, Iuse thedefault because people are dumb. Finally click on "Restartwhen serveris." Now go ahead and fill out your victims name towhatever.

It should look like this.

owclick save and name it whatever. Now go ahead and open upspiderbinder. Click "Add" and select the server that you justcreated. Nowclick "Add" again and select a file you want to bind itwith say apicture. Click on the "Icon & Stub" tab then checkChange Icon, hitLoad. Go into the spider binder folder and open theIcons folder andselect the icon you want it to come out like.

Once you haveselected the icon go back to the Files Tab and SelectBuild and name itwhatever then save it. Now your new server shouldcome binded tosomething.

*NOTE* this is the only way I personally do it. you can send itthrough other things as well but I use this way.

Goon AIM and trick your victim into accepting the file then sendthem thenew server. Now when they open it you should by themtelling you aboutit and since it is binded the trojan installswhile the other fileopens.

Okay now for the fun part. Open Turkojan make sure tohave no-ip anddyndns up and running. Click on "Start" and after 10seconds youshould see your victim on the bottom. like this:

NetBotAttacker v1.4